Saturday, April 08, 2006

So what's this all about?

I've been decorating cakes for a few years. It's my passion and my creative outlet!

Through conversations I've had with other cake artists, and my own experiences, I've come to realize that there is a big void when it comes to comprehensive information about the business side of making cakes. There are hundreds of fabulous books about cake decorating... some how-to, some purely for inspiration, some recipes, and many combinations of all three. What there aren't much of are books about the tricks and pitfalls of making a living at decorating cakes.

That's where I come in.

I'm writing a book to fill that void. It covers the whole gamut of the business of cake... from deciding whether to open a home-based business or open a storefront, to other things you can add on to your business. There will be a few basic recipes that I love, but the book is about the steps and decisions you will need to make in order to have a successful cake business; no matter the size!
The web is a massive source of information, and one I intend to use. I will be passing along tips and tricks along with general conversations about the process of this book in my posts.

This is where you come in.

Got something that really works for you? Some tip or technique or tool or idea? Is there something you don't know that you'd really like to (cake-related of course!) I'D LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU!

Anything you submit here may be used (with credit given of course) in the book, but will also be available to anyone who reads this blog!

There are several great resources on-line (which I will discuss soon!) and hopefully this blog will become another one!


  1. Raheel (a.k.a. mini-cake)April 08, 2006 12:32 p.m.

    What a great idea!! Thanks for taking the initiative to put together what will be an extremely handy referance tool for all venturing in to the cake business.

  2. Hi Choc,

    I am new to cake decorating and would like to know more on the basics of cake decorating then to the more advanced techniques.

    I'd like to see an ebook or a real book that talks about what is a butter cream icing, royal icing, fondant, gumpaste, marzipan, etc. What cake flavour matches what filling and icing? How and where do you store these icings? To freeze or not to freeze cakes? How do you freeze cakes? How to un-thaw your cakes? How to price a cake?

    I would also like to learn different techniques (i.e. FBCT, Chocolate Transfer, Molding figures, Cake Sculpting, etc.)

    Basically, I would like one book to talk about everything instead of purchasing different books.


  3. Anon... that's the plan! One monster book that covers ALL the basics, touches on more advanced techniques and materials, and will point you in the right direction for finding anything not covered!

    Thanks for the input!

  4. Nice blog dear i have really learn a lot from this blog thanks. This blog is very informative for me. I became very pleasre to read it.

  5. I just happened to come across your blog looking for cake ideas (I am a lurker on cake sites and a total cake decorator 'wanna-be").
    I just want to say how honest and informative your blog is for anyone wanting to get in this business...not a lot of people will lay it all out with such details...
    your passions shows in your desire to share :o)


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