Sunday, July 30, 2006

Photographing Your Cakes

flash comparison
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I'm no expert with the camera, but I've been playing around a bit lately and discovered that a steady hand and natural light are SOOOOO much better for cakes than a flash!

The photo on the left was taken using the flash. The one on the right is the same cake, taken without the flash (but with VERY steady hands!!!) I used the basic auto settings on my digital camera for both (except I used the macro setting) and I have not altered these photos (except a little cropping!)

Note the beautiful translucence of the fondant on the right... that's gone on the left. In its place, you see all the flaws by the harsher light of the flash!

The colours on the right are much closer to reality than those on the left. Also, take a look at the cake plate... that's Mikasa cut crystal... looks pretty blah on the left, but look at it sparkle on the right!

One thing the flash photography does have going for it is that the shimmer from the pearl dust I used is much more visible on the left. On the right, it doesn't show at all on the ribbon roses or the swags. Granted, there wasn't much there so it was subtle, but it doesn't show up at all on the right.


  1. I have been looking for sites like this for a long time. Thank you! »

  2. I have also been looking for tips on photographing cakes, as I have been having difficulty getting a crisp photo. Natural light is definitely the way to go, but the weather does not always permit!

  3. By flash you mean on camera flash, which is dull for any subject. Try using off camera flash with reflectors or dome on the cake or ... Just taking the flash (i.e. strobe) off the camera opens the door for possabilities and creativeness. And a tripod is steadier than any hand.

  4. If you do have to use a flash - I suggest by one that attaches to your camera and you can "bounce" the flash off the ceiling. That also gives you a more natural look.


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