Friday, March 28, 2008

A small kindness...

Becky over at Mommy Wants Vodka is trying to restore our faith in humanity this week with her "do something nice" week. Well once I got done tearing up about the little ones remembered, I had to think about my own way of "paying it forward"

It's simple really. It's doing the little things that mean nothing to you, but are priceless to someone else.

I helped a friend do some editing of something she wrote. It took me all of 10 minutes to do, but would have taken her much longer. I told a silly joke to someone who is stressed out and at wits end. Wrote a kind word on someone's photo on Flickr. Listened to my sister when she needed to talk. Hugged my daughter and reminded her that this too shall pass.

I donated a small amount of money to a group who were helping a friend get a new computer when her old one crapped out. She'd been going through a rough time, and her on-line friends (most of whom have never meet IRL) knew she needed to keep in touch.
Not only did we get her back on-line, but the combined kindness of a bunch of strangers helped lift her out of a funk we didn't even know she was in.

We all do these things now and again... but make a conscious effort to do a small kindness every day of your life! Trust me... you are the one who will be richer for it!

Cookie Sutra... the naughty chocolate cookies

I couldn't resist posting these... busy cookies for my SIL's stag and doe tomorrow!

As an added bonus...

LOOK!!! 2 posts in one day!

Ok, not really... I just forgot to mention that I've added a little poll (over there on the right --->) to see what you think of the new look!

Vote away, and feel free to comment at will!!!

Keep in mind... **I** love green. In case you couldn't tell.

Paperwork... AKA the Bane of my Existance

So today is quiet... finishing up the naughty cake & cookies for tomorrow's events, meeting with one bride to finalize her cake, then it's back to doing my paperwork.

Did I mention I HATE paperwork? I am an artist, people! A Free Spirit! However... the government has other ideas. And they actually want to know how much tax they can charge me (HA!! I have to be making money to pay you... so THERE!) and I have to be able to prove it. So... I learn book-keeping. Egads it is dull. I mean, I knew it would be... but still. I haven't even finished entering my suppliers list and I want to either take a nap or remove my eyeballs with a dull screwdriver just to make things interesting.

I guess this is just more incentive to get REALLY busy and successful so I can hire someone ELSE to do this stuff for me!

It's been a pretty successful week... not financially necessarily, but in other ways.
  • I established a friendly relationship with one of my competitors, with a nice agreement to refer to one another any of our overflow as well as some information sharing. That feels really good.
  • One of my on-line cake friends has promised to nag me like she was my mother if she doesn't see a regular post from me here... so now I have to write or face the wrath of the smileys! (thanks Nancy... just the push I need!)
  • I met with 6 brides this week and had 6 great consultations. I have one more this weekend for a fun suitcase wedding cake.
  • I quoted a nice order of mini cakes... they are so labour intensive, but a lot of fun!
  • I met with an advertising rep and a potential supplier.
  • I get to decorate naughty cookies (does it get any better??? LOL)

I'm also preparing for my 3rd (and probably final for this season) bridal show display in a couple of weeks. I find these shows nerve wracking, but exhilarating too. It terrifies me to be in front of a crowd, yet I love nothing more that to talk cake all day with a bunch of happy brides.
I have learned a few things about bridal shows though:
  1. bring back up: make sure SOMEONE will be around to be at your booth when you have to pee or eat. It really sucks to stand around all day, faint from hunger and crossing your legs while doing a dance. Just not a professional look.
  2. bring water and lots of it. Talking is thirsty work, and if your booth is at all successful, you will be doing a LOT of talking.
  3. wear comfortable shoes. yes the sexy stilettos look better, but the brides really don't want their grooms paying too much attention to the cake lady, and besides... you will be on your feet for the next 8 hours, smiling and looking friendly, dammit! Painful shoes will not help your smile.
  4. Bring samples. People LOVE free food. get used to it. bring chocolate... the grooms will love you.
  5. the cakes you bring are not necessarily the cakes you will sell. This sounds very strange so let me elaborate (go ahead... try to stop me! It's my blog and I warned you that there would be blathering!) Any display cakes you bring should be in the style that you want to be doing, but they are like stage makeup; overly dramatic and there to draw attention. Most brides will order something traditional and pretty; but if all you show them is traditional and pretty, you are not memorable, and you will not get their order.

well enough blathering for one day... Happy Caking!!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Who are you and why are you posting?

YES... I am back! Complete with a brand new look, and a new focus. Or no focus at all as you will soon see! Welcome to my new blog... where my train of thought is routinely de-railed, and when the spelling gets a little creative.

I cannot believe it's been over a year since I posted... but it's been quite a year.

So what's new you ask??

I'm now baking full time (no more pesky bill-paying day job!) and trying to make use of some of this advice I keep spewing! I don't have a storefront (yet!) but I am renting a kitchen for all my baking and decorating. Got a new business name (Wild Cakes) and a new appreciation for just how tough this business really is.

I'm working with a dear friend and fellow caker to start up a cake club and school. We'll be featuring all the classes that nobody offers, but you really wish they would! (at least I hope you wish that... they're the classes that **I** wish someone would offer anyhow!) And yes... I will be teaching a few such gems as custom cake toppers and cake carving 101.

What else....

The kids are growing up at the speed of light... my daughter is now 12 (AARRRGGHHH!!!) and so I had to make an appropriately "grown up" birthday cake for her...

My little "monster-man" is 4 and when asked why he must ask so many questions, simply declares "because there's a lot of things I don't know Daddy!" That'll teach him to ask a 4yo a rhetorical question!

This weekend I have to come up with a clever cake for my SIL's stag and doe.... I've already started on the cookie-sutra gingerbreads, but the final theme of the cake still eludes me. Sometimes carte blanche can be so hard!

"But what about the book?" you cry! Well that's been shelved for now (sorry). Eventually when things slow down again I'll probably pick it back up again, but for now you'll have to content yourselves with just reading my blather here.

And blather it will be! Getting into the business of cake will affect your whole life... not just what you do during the day. So my blog will start to encompass whatever I feel like talking about that day... not strictly cake stuff. Because it's ALL about the cake in the end.