Friday, March 28, 2008

A small kindness...

Becky over at Mommy Wants Vodka is trying to restore our faith in humanity this week with her "do something nice" week. Well once I got done tearing up about the little ones remembered, I had to think about my own way of "paying it forward"

It's simple really. It's doing the little things that mean nothing to you, but are priceless to someone else.

I helped a friend do some editing of something she wrote. It took me all of 10 minutes to do, but would have taken her much longer. I told a silly joke to someone who is stressed out and at wits end. Wrote a kind word on someone's photo on Flickr. Listened to my sister when she needed to talk. Hugged my daughter and reminded her that this too shall pass.

I donated a small amount of money to a group who were helping a friend get a new computer when her old one crapped out. She'd been going through a rough time, and her on-line friends (most of whom have never meet IRL) knew she needed to keep in touch.
Not only did we get her back on-line, but the combined kindness of a bunch of strangers helped lift her out of a funk we didn't even know she was in.

We all do these things now and again... but make a conscious effort to do a small kindness every day of your life! Trust me... you are the one who will be richer for it!


  1. I'm freaking thrilled that YOU now have a blog for me to stalk. And stalk you, I will.

    Seriously, dude, thank you for your act of kindness. This means so much to me and to all of my readers who have lost their precious babies too soon.

    You rock. And maybe roll.

  2. hehe! Stalk and stalk alike my dear!

    I have never lost a baby, but I did go through a 4 year battle with infertility so baby stuff always touches my heart.

    And Becky... you definitely rock. and roll.

  3. Hi Madam Melissa..I just came across your blog..and this entry post really is interesting. Thank you for sharing your small kindness. May I share this entry post with my friends??...Thank you.


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