Thursday, March 27, 2008

Who are you and why are you posting?

YES... I am back! Complete with a brand new look, and a new focus. Or no focus at all as you will soon see! Welcome to my new blog... where my train of thought is routinely de-railed, and when the spelling gets a little creative.

I cannot believe it's been over a year since I posted... but it's been quite a year.

So what's new you ask??

I'm now baking full time (no more pesky bill-paying day job!) and trying to make use of some of this advice I keep spewing! I don't have a storefront (yet!) but I am renting a kitchen for all my baking and decorating. Got a new business name (Wild Cakes) and a new appreciation for just how tough this business really is.

I'm working with a dear friend and fellow caker to start up a cake club and school. We'll be featuring all the classes that nobody offers, but you really wish they would! (at least I hope you wish that... they're the classes that **I** wish someone would offer anyhow!) And yes... I will be teaching a few such gems as custom cake toppers and cake carving 101.

What else....

The kids are growing up at the speed of light... my daughter is now 12 (AARRRGGHHH!!!) and so I had to make an appropriately "grown up" birthday cake for her...

My little "monster-man" is 4 and when asked why he must ask so many questions, simply declares "because there's a lot of things I don't know Daddy!" That'll teach him to ask a 4yo a rhetorical question!

This weekend I have to come up with a clever cake for my SIL's stag and doe.... I've already started on the cookie-sutra gingerbreads, but the final theme of the cake still eludes me. Sometimes carte blanche can be so hard!

"But what about the book?" you cry! Well that's been shelved for now (sorry). Eventually when things slow down again I'll probably pick it back up again, but for now you'll have to content yourselves with just reading my blather here.

And blather it will be! Getting into the business of cake will affect your whole life... not just what you do during the day. So my blog will start to encompass whatever I feel like talking about that day... not strictly cake stuff. Because it's ALL about the cake in the end.


  1. Glad you are back - really enjoy reading your blog! Happy Caking! Hx


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