Tuesday, April 01, 2008

wallpaper ranting

WARNING: Wandering off topic here to rant. Feel free to come back tomorrow for more cakey goodness!

WHY do people use wallpaper? And if they must use such devil-spawned ugliness as this:

WHY must they be cheap-asses and not prime the walls?

We've been in this house 8 years now and I have to look at this nastiness daily. However lack if time/money/energy for such a monstrous job as removing it from a 14'x14' room has thus far prevented me from doing anything about it (we did remove the wall paper from another room... we probably should have just ripped out the walls and put in fresh drywall... it would have been faster & easier!)

And while I am ranting... why do people buy a lovely 100+ year old house and put nasty-assed cheap-o ceiling tiles in to cover the ceiling???

Apparently this working from home has made me much more aware of just how ugly this house is. It almost feels like spring outside today... guess it's time for change!


  1. Oh Lord, I don't understand wallpaper at all. Honestly, I was shocked to learn that they still sell it. Did you know that?

    This summer for my birthday my husband bought me the supplies for a new bathroom. The one we were remodeling was/is the size of a largeish closet and yet was covered in three, 3! different wallpapers. ALL FLORAL PATTERNS. CLASHING ONES.

    Like you, I wish I'd just redrywalled the whole damn bathroom, because I ended up spackling each wall like I was "mudding" it.

    And you know what? The walls are STILL damaged from it.


    That wallpaper is hideous.

  2. Thanks for understanding Aunt Becky!!! I knew you would feel my pain!

  3. Steam it off! I swear- it's 100 times easier than than stripper liquid stuff. Just rent a steamer from a local tool rental shop or Home Depot. Good luck!


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