Monday, May 26, 2008


Warning: disjointed and random post this morning: seems I am unable to be cohesive yet today.

Went to a family reunion this weekend. This was my Dad's family, which is actually the smallest of the clans I belong to and yet it has been the longest time since we were all together. In fact, the last time was when I got married; nearly 14 years ago. Wow. However, in our defense, we are spread out in both Ontario and BC, which does complicate things.

Some of the amazing things:

Cousins I (before this weekend) still though of as children are all adults now (I'm the oldest of the bunch) and meeting a second (or third?) cousin I didn't even know about were all wonderful surprises.

Seeing all of the similar features on each face reminds me that I'm part of something bigger. My daughter (whom everyone says looks so much like me) actually more strongly resembles both my sister and my sweet cousin Jenna (the resemblance was further enhanced when Jenna braided Kathleen's hair just like her own.)

My son had the best time playing ninja chicken something (Moms are not meant to understand these games) with both my sister and all my giant cousins who took such joy in horseplay with this small sweet boy; he had the time of his life. Most of them had never met him before, yet despite their wildly diverse facial foliage, he took to them like he'd known them all his life.

Talking with my newly discovered 2nd cousin who is only slightly older than me, and who had a serious stroke some 10 years ago. What an amazing, inspiring woman! Conversation is a bit like playing a combination of charades and some odd word association game as she is not always able to make her mouth say the all of words she is thinking. She just laughs and carries on; after a few minutes of talking with her, you forget that this isn't the usual way to communicate. Though it must be terribly frustrating at times, Jill is the most cheerful person I have met in a long time; she refuses to let the past get her down. Something to remember when I'm feeling sorry for myself.

The food. OMG... we are a bunch of fabulous cooks. Sometimes it seemed like all we did was eat and drink! One of my uncles was celebrating his 60th birthday so the last food we shared was his birthday cake (my Mom baked it ahead of time... my job was just the icing and decorating.)

The only negative about the whole weekend was the bugs. The blackflies were swarming like I have not seen in MANY years; you'll likely just see a black mass hovering around some vaguely people-shaped things in all of the outdoor photos we took. Pretty sure we all donated a pound of flesh (or blood) to feed them so I suppose it is somehow appropriate they were in the photos... some of them had more Capyk blood in them than we did.


  1. That sounds like a lovely time!

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